The main objective of our association, who works as agent for artists, is the interaction between the demand and the offer, providing a set of different services which guarantee an overall artistic and cultural promotion.

The art market has radically changed during the last decades and, today, it is defined by global methods and international rules. By ‘market’ we don’t mean just sales and operations on art works, but also job opportunities for artists.

We have found the missing link between demand and offer, which in the past were inseparable from merchants and gallerists, while today are referred to diverse professional figures (art gallery owners and managers, curators, public relations and comunication professionals, brokers, and so on). These ones often don’t cover a complete set of offers and leave out absolutely essential areas and services like legal and fiscal counseling, information and updating.

Exfabbricadellebambole organizes events and expositions both in its own and in other galleries, creating real and virtual networks.

Moreover, our association offers services and competencies both to young and qualified artists, who have not been able to enter any effective circuit for whatever reason.

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    We have discovered the missing connection amongst request and offer, which in the past were indivisible from shippers and gallerists, while today are alluded to different expert figures craftsmanship exhibition proprietors and chiefs, custodians, advertising and comunication experts, dealers, et cetera.

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